Spring-ahead Sunday


Many of us are trying to adapt to the spring forward daylight savings time change today. For a quick pick-me-up on this spring-ahead Sunday, here is a 2 minute focusing technique that can help you flow with the times.

Turn off the TV, close your laptop, and set the alarm or timer on your phone for 2.5 minutes.

Do a couple of fake yawns to release any tension you are holding in your face or neck.

Relax and get comfy in your chair.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your nose to the count of 8 for the next 2 minutes. Focus only on your breath, breathing deeply enough to fill your belly with air on the 8 count inhale. Then slowly exhale to the count of 8.

After your two minutes of deep breathing, stretch your arms above your head as though you had just awoken and enjoy that lazy, luxurious feeling as you stretch out any lingering tension.
Now you are ready to face your shortened day! Repeat as necessary, and if your schedule allows, sneak-in a cozy catnap midday, as well!

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