A moment of moving melancholy & insight

We are moving, The truck will be here before we know it. We are excited about the move and looking forward to our next adventure. We love a good adventure!

After a month of almost daily packing, today boxing this up it, finally hit me, we ARE MOVING!

Feeling nostalgic over packing my Ninja?? Whaaat?? Did not see that coming.

Seeing it sitting in the box made me teary-eyed and then smile that of all the hundreds and hundreds of things I packed this is what did it!

I finished packing the box, to give myself a sense of accomplishment while I was still in the groove, then made a cup of tea and sat and thought about life.

I quickly realized that since the Ninja was one of the last things I selected to pack (I use it often and didn’t want to do without it.) – seeing it in the box signaled the END! We were really moving! (Took about 3 months for it to hit me!) Those thoughts made me smile and somehow feel better. Mystery solved.

So glad I sat and pondered. Byron Katie would probably proud of me. I know I am. 😊 Trust yourself to sit with and question your thoughts and feelings, awareness is waiting for you if you do.

I wonder if my Ninja will signal “I’m home” when I unpack it? I will keep you posted.

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