Knowing the difference

In her latest book, “The Way of Integrity” Martha Beck talks about the difference between what we really want and what we are influenced to want by television, social media, friends and family.

It is so easy to get lost along the way, or never take the time to explore and fully focus on what we truly want for ourselves and in our lives.

The answer is to spend quiet time centering yourself to discover what you yearn for and how you want your life to feel ~ not what you want to have or own, or even do. (Those things will come naturally when you know how you want to feel at the end of the day or when you awaken each morning. What you truly need will be there for you, I promise.)

How do you get started? Simply sit and ponder what you want!

How do you want your life to feel? What brings you joy? What did you want do and see as a kid? What sparks your interest? What touches your heart? What fills you with awe, peace or serenity? What delights and amuses you? Who or what inspires you? What would a perfect day be like? How would you feel at the end of that day?

Write down your thoughts. Draw pictures. Create boards. Make friends with your new thoughts. Invite them in and to stay with you; treat them as honored guests. Give them your time and attention. Spend more time with them than you do watching TV, shopping, or being busy for the sake of being busy.

With intention and reflection you will discover or rediscover what you want, and it will become much easier to find ways to bring your new life to life!

At first you may feel odd spending time in thought and introspection. Asking yourself personal questions and patiently waiting for your answers to arrive may be new to you and require nurturing and acceptance, but in time a true friendship with your feelings and the process will develop. The practice will feel like greeting an old friend and you will look forward to spending quiet time with yourself.

There is so much more waiting for you. Trust yourself to know and then give yourself the time to grow!

Wishful Thinking Works

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