Happy Wednesday. 

About mid-week the days start to flow together for me.  I often find myself checking the calendar to confirm the day and date. 

I like realizing it is Wednesday, I think Wednesdays are nice. 

They offer a sense of accomplishment, we made it through the first two days of the week and the weekend seems within reach, and a sense of completion, there is still enough time to finish what “needs” to be done before the weekend arrives. 

All in all, Wednesday is not a bad place to be.  Hope you are enjoying yours.

I am using mine to follow-up on last Friday’s post.  I mentioned then that I would explain my choice of  the word “gratitudinal” words, so . . .

For me,”gratitudinal” as in Gratitudinal Thinking reflects 4 ideas:

I know I am not the first or the only one using “gratitudinal”, but from the moment I said it to myself – before I ever read or heard anyone else use it –  it rang true to me and I still carry those good feelings in my heart and head each time I hear it.

Gratitude  –     Being aware and really noticing and noting the good

                              things in my life.

Attitude   –       That awareness has allowed me to create a much

                              more positive attitude.

Latitudinal –    By giving myself “enough scope or leeway for some

                              freedom of choice, action, or thinking” (Encarta Online

                              English Dictionary), I discovered following my bliss is a

                              perfectly logical and realistic option. (More about bliss in

                               April – bet you can’t wait.)

Longitudinal – And, what I was looking for then, and am experiencing now,

                                is consistent “development over a period of time”  

                               (Same Dictionary), gratitudinal thinking provides long-lasting

                                rewards – I like that.

I also like making-up words. 

And, I always feel better after reviewing the good things in my life. 

Next week we will add another dimension to this practice – writing and savoring your three-things a day, which will really knock your socks off – not the doing it, none of us really wants to do any of this stuff at first, but the fact that it all works so well.

I will explain it all.  The Who, What and Why. 

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, check out my Page tabs above the photo. 

I have been busy updating them.

Thanks, see you on Friday.

Let us know what you are thinking . . .

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