Upping your Optimism

Here’s an easy way to enhance your day …

I recently was reading a PyschCentral article that shared tips on upping your optimism. The one below is my favorite:

”Put away the to-do list. Every evening, rather than thinking of what needs to be done the next day, focus instead on three things about tomorrow you are looking forward to. Choose one and allow yourself to experience everything you feel about it for five minutes. This can help rid you of a bad mood, emotional exhaustion, and pessimistic thinking at the end of a long day.”


Some of my personal favorite moments to savor ahead:

I am such a foodie I almost always start with thinking of something delicious that awaits me. If I won’t be making or enjoying a special lunch or dinner or there are no leftovers for breakfast – I can eat just about anything in the am – I simply think about my next delicious cappuccino, which always puts a smile on my face.

Perhaps you are looking forward to getting back to a book you are enjoying? Or working on or starting a new craft?

Maybe you are planning a shopping trip, time with friends, or watching a special movie or TV show? 

Will you be you starting or finishing a work or household project that you are looking forward to or simply will be happy to finish?

Why not, visualize the joy of sleeping in, getting up early to get a fresh start on the day, or to simply have some quiet time?

Are you looking forward to FaceTiming a friend or the grandkids, or getting the kids out the door and off to school?

Savoring the simple things that happened today or that you are looking forward to tomorrow is a great way to relax each evening and to flood your hardworking heart and mind with positive vibes.

Don’t miss this free and easy way to up your optimism each day. You can turn the simple to sublime by merely savoring what is ahead.

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