Thanksgiving all month long

Yay! A new month, November is at hand! A new start and new opportunities for all. Or, perhaps the joyful continuation of a life well lived. Wherever you are on the wellbeing spectrum, here is an easy way to enhance your life.

~This month I will be doing a loving kindness mini-meditation each day as a way of celebrating Thanksgiving an the abundance of Autumn. I will send love and good wishes daily to someone I love, barely know or who I find difficult to be around!

~I will begin my daily practice with the easy part – sending caring thoughts to those I love, but then I will branch out to folks I barely know as a way of increasing my awareness and compassion for those around me. (The sweet lady at the grocery store, who apologized for blocking the dairy section door. Or the fellow who helped me find what I needed, or the woman who checked out my order. The list is truly endless.)

~By Thanksgiving I will focus on sending love and good wishes to those who I let get under my skin! What better way to create a true sense of abundance and a carefree holiday season than sharing love and compassion with all!

~There are many loving kindness meditations on web, and the “Balance” Meditation APP, which I think is phenomenal, has a great series in their Foundation Plan V. The “Balance” APP is addictively wonderful and free for a year. Check it out.

~But, remember, you do not need to meditate to simply share loving thoughts daily. Try it – it is a simple, easy, free and is guaranteed to boost your spirits and create a true sense of Thanksgiving during this special month. And, who knows, maybe the recipients of your thoughts will feel the love, as well.

~The only difficult aspect of any new practice is to remember to do it! Use post-it-notes, or set reminders on your phone or with Alexa to keep you on track!

~Here is wishing you a cornucopia of good wishes each day of November and beyond. And the joy of focusing on loving kindness and compassion throughout the month.

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