Create the life you really want.

 Hi, I’m Patrice Koerper Robson,

I believe that when we change ourselves, we change the world. I also believe that the happier and more fulfilled we are, the happier and more peaceful the world becomes.

In my early 40’s, I began gently and patiently exploring how to create the life I really wanted. I slowed down, stepped back a bit from the life I was leading, began asking myself lots of questions and then, really listened to my answers. The process helped me decide how I wanted my life to look and feel, and I’ve been living my life that way ever since.

My journey has taken me many amazing places. First stop was an honest look inside myself – the toughest journey of all. Then I hired a life coach, which was a fantastic experience and inspired me in so many new ways. I then used the support and insights I gained to help me fine tune the life I really wanted, which led me to three exciting years as a volunteer with the United States Peace Corps in Macedonia – at the age of 53! How fun is that?

There my journey came full circle, when I realized that when we change ourselves, we change the world. And, not necessarily by making major life changes, but by believing change is possible. When you accept that change is possible, others will too, and then all sorts of doors will open – for everyone. That’s how Wishful Thinking Works.

For years I used my education, experiences, professional background and life coaching certification, along with proven positive psychology research, tips and techniques helping people, just like you, change their lives and the world for the better. You can do it! There is no doubt in my mind.

After three years in the Peace Corps, (Two years is the norm, I loved it so much I stayed three.) I returned to the States, became a certified life coach; served two additional short assignments as a United States Peace Corps Response Volunteer; spent a month volunteering at a Benedictine monastery; was the Director of Corporate Training and Continuing Education at a state college in Florida and married the man of my dreams in 2015 after enjoying the single life for 17 years! We just celebrated our 5th year anniversary, love traveling and simply being together. We moved from the beach to a rural setting in the middle of old-school towns near Orlando during Covid – I guess we are adventurers at heart. We split our time between Florida and New York to see our combined family of 5 sons, their great wives, and our 15 grandchildren.

In 2015, I also joined the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), and attended their international conference. My participation and affiliation keeps me up-to-date on the latest positive psychology research and application ideas. I have read hundreds and hundreds of Positive Psychology articles and posts and taken courses in that field including those offered by  VIA Character Strengths, which I have used successfully in business and client settings. (Check out their free survey online.)

I am semi-retired from coaching. During this wonderful life journey of mine, I completely fell in love with writing the Wishful Thinking Works blog, using other forms of social media and developing and presenting programs, workshops and retreats. They are my favorite way to share what I’ve learned, what I enjoy, what I’m discovering and what lies ahead. If you need a speaker, let me know. I have done tiny talks and spoken in front of hundreds throughout my career.

Zoom has been become a trusted tool during 2020, I offer many workshops and Meetup gatherings online through Wishful Thinking Works and through libraries in Florida. Check out Wishful Thinking Women on Meetup (1400+ members) and our private Facebook group under the same name – both are women only to encourage open exchange. Wishful Thinking Works is on Facebook and on Instagram which all can follow.

Reaching out is my favorite thing to do, and most of what I do is for FREE. As your read and follow my blog or other social media resources, please let me know what you are thinking and if you have questions, this is a labor of love and I am here to help. We have so much to learn from each other. Your comments inspire me, and may inspire others, as well. Your thoughts and experiences might be just what someone else needs to hear as part of their journey.

I’m glad you have joined me. I hope my journey helps you. This blog is for you, Wishful Thinking Works!

Warm regards,

Patrice Koerper Robson

Wishful Thinking Works

Leesburg, Florida (Formerly of Fort Myers Beach, Florida)

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You can create the life you really want!

More about Patrice’s personal Wishful Thinking Works journey… 

My personal Wishful Thinking Works journey began in 2000 when I decided my life needed . . . well, I didn’t really know what my life needed, but I knew I wasn’t as happy as I once was or could be. Instead of trying to figure it all out and come-up with an immediate solution, I decided to lay back and see what unfolded, which was a first for me. I’m a doer and was a Type-A personality with a capital “A”. Get it done, move forward, onward – now!

There is nothing wrong with being a “doer”, if “doing” makes your heart sing – but my heart was barely holding a tune at that time. I knew a change was needed.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away.” (Anonymous)

I made the decision to stop “doing” so much – to stop filling my days with this and that and to take more time to relax and reflect. This was a huge change for me in fact, it terrified me, but my personal and professional lives were overflowing with self-inflicted challenges and real-time commitments that were leaving me out of breath, rather than breathless. I had created a life I really didn’t want and it was beginning to impact my heart, my head and my health.

Over the next several years, I stopped doing all the things I normally did to find out what I really wanted to do. I spent a lot of time alone, doing nothing – I puttered instead of planning. I read and walked without purpose and at a much slower pace. I turned down invitations – super tough for a social butterfly, and began to see solitude as a source of energy rather than a statement of popularity.  I also delegated more at work.

Once I became comfortable doing less – it took months – I began trying new ways of spending my free time with fun and interesting results.

  • I went on what I thought was a yoga retreat and discovered yoga nidra, which is still a rewarding part of my life.
  • I didn’t answer my home or cell home unless I felt like it. (Remember home phones?)
  • I drove slower; turned the radio off in the car and on at home.
  • I stopped trying to do 100 things at once.
  • I joined a laid back adventure club for women, which led me outdoors and to the fun of feeling 10 again with the added benefit of warm, wonderful and lasting friendships.
  • At night when I laid my head on my pillow, instead of worrying about what needed to be done tomorrow or next week, thanks to Oprah’s influence, I began noting the moments in my life I was grateful for.

My experiments led me through lots of starts and stops, which I learned to accept as part of my personal scientific process. (I once believed I had to finish everything I started – even books I wasn’t crazy about became albatrosses for me.) Thankfully, I learned to trust my instincts more than ever before and stopped regretting not completing things that held no real interest for me. The additional downtime allowed lots of wonderful feelings and thoughts to rise to the surface, and I learned to spend time savoring them.

I must admit that in the beginning the good thoughts were almost always followed by stressful ones: “Who was I to think that I could . . . or had the right to . . . What would happen if I . . . Who would take care of . . . if I didn’t.” But, my growing resolve and belief in myself helped me realize that I was not the center of everyone’s world, and believe it or not, most people and projects could get along without me. That didn’t mean I didn’t have or add value to the process or their lives, but moving myself from center stage to the sidelines and observing rather than feeling I had to direct was a refreshing, eye-opening change for me,  and left lots more time for creating the life I really wanted, which in the end, made everyone happier!

“Life is a marathon not a sprint.” (Anonymous)

I learned to accept that change is an ongoing process. It’s inevitable, and that’s okay. I also realized that most of the things I thought needed to be done NOW, really didn’t. These realizations along with my Wishful Thinking allowed me to expand and deepen my life in ways far beyond the expectations I had in 2000. My relationships with family and friends are more meaningful and better than ever, and stretch around the world. I’ve traveled to places I once only dreamt about  – and some I never knew existed, and I followed the career path of my dreams including serving three times in the United States Peace Corps.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Lao-tzu Chinese philosopher, 604 BC – 531 BC)

I know now that Wishful Thinking Works and I know believing that – for many of us – is a huge leap of faith. I get that and thank you for being here, because accepting that Wishful Thinking Works and has a place in our lives is a big step. It can be downright terrifying to accept that we can change, yet alone create the lives we really want. So, today I want to say thanks for being so brave, and to applaud you for visiting.

Wherever you are along the path of change, please applaud yourself for being there. Even if you are only thinking about creating the life you really want, give yourself credit for those thoughts. I encourage you to keep moving forward. Take as many baby steps as necessary, but don’t stop! Let the process be your guide – keep what resonates and feels “right” and let go of what doesn’t. 

Blend courage with curiosity, experimentation with examination, and find time for quiet reflection.

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  1. Patrice, You are doing a fabulous job on goal three. You are also a wonderful asset to our program. Thanks so much for your service and your continued work for Peace Corps.



  2. I was born in Bitola and lived there for the most of my life. Macedonian nature was my “second nature” 🙂 and I have so many friends there, including Dean Makarijoski – the artist. I am very proud to see that other people respect and appreciate the real quality of life there. Even now after some years in Sydney, I still think that people can learn a lot from “small” things that can give us “big” lessons in life.


    • Hi Zoki,
      I love your comment, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am looking at Dan’s art as I write; I love his work and bought many of his paintings, as did my friends. Such a nice way to keep Macedonia in view. I hope to be back in Bitola in May and June, I will mention you to him. If you make it back there before me, tell him I said “Hi”! Prejetno.


  3. My dearest friend, your ability to take away my words (something that I keep with million soldiers and tiers) and put a gentle smile on my face proved to me that I would like to be in life exactly where you are now… I have never used a blog, really do not know how it works, even this comment is a wishful thinking for me… but I am sure that I will like it and will do it , just as so many other things you made me loving and admiring… And just to spice things a little bit – I envy you on the time you have only for yourself, your soul, your body, your mind… ) p.s macedonialovesyou.com


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