Looking ahead . . .

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Start the today by looking ahead – the next hour, day, or week might be the turning point you’ve been hoping for.

Until then, be patient, appreciative, and kind – disappointment or delay are not a pass to treat ourselves or others poorly.

Keep looking forward and predicting and doing better; do not give up on yourself or your dreams.

Reassess and redirect as needed, but stay the course – you are worth every step.

The journey is often part of the prize, pay attention to the rewards hidden along the route, there may be gems along the way.

Then . . . let the rest take care of itself.

Who you are today, is no reflection of who you can become . . .

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Where you are today, does not determine where you can go.

Change is always possible.

We all blossom in different ways at different times.

Be patient with yourself.

And, keep moving in the direction of your dreams.

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Reach-Out Monday

Photo Courtesy of Luann Koerper

Help someone today.

Be a bit more patient and use your patience to reach out to someone you might not normally reach out to, or not often enough, or as willingly or with such kindness.

Sit longer by their side, or hold their hand.

Hold their hand, or look into their eyes.

Look into their eyes, or respond more calmly.

Respond more calmly, or share your stuff.

Share your stuff, or show more interest.

Show more interest, or offer a helping hand.

Offer a helping hand, and you’ll both feel better. After all, it’s Reach-Out Monday.

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