“The Happiness Project”

I read “The Happiness Project” earlier this month, and loved it.

And, now, I have a confession to make.

When my friend Marci first told me about the book a few months ago, and I checked out Gretchen Rubin’s blog; I was jealous!

Big-time jealous.

The green-eyed-monster-was-alive-and-well-in-my-soul jealous.

My psyche ached from my immature response, but none-the-less, I was jealous.

My mind was a cauldron of negative thoughts:

Geez, I’ve been working on my own “happiness project” for 10 years – why didn’t I think of making it a year-long project and writing a book about it?

“Why her, not me?”

“It’s not fair.  I’m a good person.”

(I know my responses were ridiculous, and sound so, so small, but I am hoping my honesty offers at least a thin buffer for my behavior.)

I ruminated a bit more, and that’s when I realized I was scrapping the bottom of my psychic barrel, and knew it was time to get my act together.

So I did.

I ordered her book from the library.

And, as I mentioned; I loved it.

I added it to my list of Books I Recommend, and will be sharing bits of it with you throughout the month of May, because May is my birthday month and I believe birthdays and good books are worth celebrating – all month long!

And, yes, I do know that the best cure for jealousy is to create and live the life I really want.  Thanks for being kind enough not to bring it up or hold it against me for forgetting that.

You really are quite classy!  Have a great day.


  1. Greetings Patti!
    I see you have a Dress for Sucess Workshop in June. That’s sounds fun. How was the Tea?


    • The Tea was wonderful. Lots of positive responses: click on “4/24 Hyde Park Tea Cottage” under “Speaking Engagements” to see them.

      Love doing the workshops; they are so much fun, and I have met so many great women. Spreading the word about being happier and sharing tips on how to create the life each of us wants, makes me very happy!!!! 🙂

      I am looking forward to Dress for Success and maybe another Tea in June.

      Our birthday month is here – celebrate!


  2. Since the creation of pen and paper people have been journaling about their lives and a number of us have been chasing happiness. It is hard not to admire Gretchen’s discipline and marketing prowess!

    I love that underlying message throughout Gretchen’s project is to “start your own project.”

    You are already doing it!

    Love your blog!

    Warmest Regards,

    Denise Burks


    • Thank you, Denise.

      Just saw your comment; it was parked in Spam! So sorry, not to have thanked you sooner.

      Glad you love the blog.

      Will check yours out. Love your “cover story” on your web page.



    • Thank you, Gretchen. Your book is great, glad you shared your thoughts for so many to read. Love that by tweaking our lives a bit we can all become much happier. Patrice


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