One Year Ago Today


I’m celebrating! 

One year and 111 posts ago, I began this blog. 

I started it as a result of being told I “had to” as part of a training commitment. I immediately responded with a serious and heartfelt “No way!”, and followed it up with a long and detailed list of excuses and explanations of why I was incapable of doing such a thing.

First Attempts, False Starts

I then began blogging. I used a different site, and blogged under a different title, diving head first into a world I knew nothing about. My lack of ability in all areas technical coupled with my content-writing phobia made me a nervous wreck. I spent way too much time asking myself questions such as: How will I ever figure this out? Why would anyone want to read anything I write? What have I got to add to the millions of blogs out there? Who am I to think that . . . ?

That lovely little line of questioning led me to a brand new set of worries about the “whole world” reading my blog and seeing all the typos and grammatical errors I was sure to make. Pretty funny, how I quickly went from worrying “Who would want to read it?” to worrying that everyone would read it.

My anxiety became so great, I began dreaming about typos – there were lots. My fears led me to blog less and less. I used the blog to meet the course requirements and then let it slide.

Lesson Learned

Then one day, I was reading someone else’s blog, and it inspired me to restart mine. (Well, sort-of. Actually, I think I was just jealous, and couldn’t stand myself anymore for whimping out on mine. Horrible to admit, but true. That’s still a form of inspiration, no?) 

The next day I started this blog.

Over time, worries about less than stellar posts, typos and grammatical errors receded as the joy of learning new things and challenging myself in new ways grew. It’s not that I no longer care about those things – I do, and I apologize for any and all errors or not so great posts, but the fun, flow and fulfilment of transferring ideas to words and getting your great feedback now exceeds any lingering worries or doubts.  

Blogging has allowed me to test my level of cosmic trust, specifically that I will come up with three topics a week that interest me and won’t totally bore or disgust my readers : -).

Writing the blog has also helped me get over myself and get out of my way. It’s helped me get out there, and explore the world out there, and best of all it has connected me with you.

Special thanks to my dear friends and first readers for not laughing hysterically at my early attempts, and for spurring me on instead. Thank you!

And, to all my new readers and subscribers, thank you. If writing is the heart of a blog, you are the soul. Thanks for reading from here or there – I love knowing folks beyond the States in wonderful and interesting places in Africa, Australia, France and Macedonia are reading along.

Mega thanks to all of you, who share your thoughts. Your comments help direct future posts, expand the conversation and broaden everyone’s perspective, especially mine. Thank you for being brave and kind.

Looking Ahead

Hope you like the new look. I love the color and the fresher, lighter layout. You should be able to find everything in more or less the same place. If not, let me know.

In honor of the blog’s one year anniversary, I am also starting a Wishful Thinking Works monthly newsletter. If you would like to receive it, you can opt in by sending me an email at with the word “newsletter” in the subject line and I will add you to the list. It will be filled with tales and tips about creating the life you want.

In March, I will start a series of weekly interviews with folks I call “Dream Weavers”. I’ve told you about a few Macedonian Dream Weavers in past posts, but I will now be including personal interviews with the interesting, creative and brave people I write about, and will expand the pool.

Blogging has reconfirmed the value of Taking Risks for me, which was the title of my first Wishful Thinking Works post on February 11, 2010. I like that. 

If you are thinking about taking risk or two, I highly encourage it. Make sure the risk is in the direction of your dreams, and then go for it! Need help? Check out my My Courage Diet, it has gotten me back on track many times.

Have a sweet weekend.


PS Fran in Florida has won the copy of Jackie Kelm’s book “The Joy of Appreciative Living”, which I offered last Friday to anyone, who guessed why today was special for me. Fran didn’t guess the correct answer, but she took numerous risks trying to come-up with the correct answer, which makes her a winner. Congratulations, Fran.

PSS Oh, and if you find any typos, no need to let me know.


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