My family, friends and I have spent time talking about signs over the past couple of days. Daisies were my Mom’s favorite flower and my Dad always thought that when he saw them it was her way of letting him know that even though she was gone, she was thinking of him.

What are your thoughts on signs? Can loved ones, who have passed away, send us signs? Do people, places and events show-up in our lives to guide us or help us along the way?


  1. I rec’d my sign while going through Grandpa’s belongings. Everywhere I turned, I kept finding my 7 yr old daughter’s baby pics! I know Grandpa was looking over us! ❤ However, I have to admit that I purposely planted seeds for daisies (Grandma's fav) so I make sure to see that she is thinking of me all the time! Lol!


  2. i believe in signs. I believe in seeing things in dreams that relate to the future, as well as the past. I have vivid memories of dreams I had when my father died, and the signs of him that would occur from nature (a flower falling in my friend Kim’s lap, when she was deep in thought about him). What a wonderful question to open a dialogue about the boundaries of or mortal existence!


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