New way to celebrate the 4th

Many of us will be celebrating the Fourth of July differently this year. Our parties, picnics and pyrotechnics will be toned-down or even eliminated. Not to worry, I have a plan.

No matter how your Fourth is shaping up, why not combine your patriotic passion with your personal triumphs – and celebrate in a brand new way? Mid-year is the perfect time to celebrate YOU and YOUR LIFE by creating your very own “Ta Da List.”

The Wishful Thinking Works “Ta Da List” is much more fun than a “To Do” list, because it’s for all the things you’ve already accomplished this year – pure enjoyment with little effort!

My guess is you seldom take time to give yourself credit for all the wonderful things you have done or the challenges you have overcome. Make the Fourth your personal Independence Day by taking a moment to reflect on what makes you and your life worth celebrating as you list your accomplishments and joyful moments – big or small – on your personal “Ta Da” List. It’s instant gratification of a new kind and much healthier than ice cream or holiday snacks.

I have been sharing the free, personalized Wishful Thinking Works “Ta Da” List since 2012, once you get started it will be fun to make this an annual event and review your lists from year to year.

What have you accomplished this year that just six months ago seemed impossible or only a distant possibility?

What new trails have you blazed? What have you found the strength to face? (I know you have lots of new experiences to count this year!!!!)

What teeny, tiny or wondrously large steps have you taken in the direction of your dreams?

New jobs? Degrees? Classes? Adjustments? Healthy choices? Pounds lost? (Yes, you can count the same ones over again!) Walks taken? Miles run? Forgiveness? Promises kept? Readjustments? Chances taken? Letters written? Calls made? Emails sent? Projects started? Projects finished? Doing without? Going within?

List any and all of the things that make you happy and proud to be you!

Most of us spend way more time thinking about what we haven’t done, than what we have done. Celebrating success builds confidence and noting what is right in our lives makes us happier and more resilient.

Don’t be shy – this is the time for aiming high and lighting up the sky. List everything you have done that matters to you, and then when you are watching “the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air” congratulate yourself on your 2020 accomplishments thus far, and all the exciting ones that lay ahead. Let those bright lights and loud booms ignite a sense of personal pride in you. 

And, when you finish your list, make sure to take a few minutes to offer up some gratitude for each and everything thing on it and for all the folks who were part of your success. Gratitude is the fast track to happiness!

Get started by downloading your free Wishful Thinking Works “Ta Da List.”  Have fun and enjoy a positively perfect 2020 Independence Day!

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