10 Powerful words to carry with you in 2023.

Language shapes our thoughts and perceptions; it can enrich our relationships; energize our experiences, and it can deeply affect our state of mind. Here are 10 positive and powerful words to carry with you throughout 2023.

Use them often; explore them in quiet, reflective moments and on paper, and use their power to discover and create your dreams and the life you really want in 2023.

  1. Alignment . . . Between your thoughts, desires & your actions
  2. Courage . . . Hope in action, to create change
  3. Compassion . . . Deeply felt for yourself & others
  4. Desire. . . Yours ~ understanding, honoring, creating
  5. Joy . . . Follow it
  6. Journey . . . Understanding your personal journey is truly a Hero’s Journey. Learn more about that at Find More Meaning in Your Life – A New 6-Week Workshop Series in 2023!
  7. Meaning . . . Deep, energizing, and satisfying. Learn more at Find More Meaning in Your Life – A New 6-Week Workshop Series in 2023!
  8. Peace . . . of mind, in your relationships & in the world
  9. Space . . . Inside and out for you & others to grow
  10. Treasure . . . The people, the places, the experiences, & the moments that matter to you ~ your gratitudes

Add your own words, or simply create a new list of words that resonate with you and your dreams for 2023 and beyond. It is your life and the language you use to live and describe it can make it rich and rewarding.

PS Feel free to retire any words that have not served you well in 2022. I am retiring the words tired and pain! I don’t want to give them the power to shape 2023 for me!

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