Wednesdays and more


I went AWOL today, sorry I didn’t say something about it sooner. This morning I woke-up thinking I needed a day of reflection, ate a very thoughtful breakfast, and about an hour later I was fast asleep. Two hours later I woke-up feeling great, and worked on all sorts of exciting things, but not my blog. Sorry about that. (And, yes working from home does have its advantages.)

Truth is with summer coming, I was already planning to cut Wednesday’s post in June, July and August, I guess today I got a head start on my plans. I will be posting interviews throughout the summer months, and those will appear on Wednesdays, but not on any set schedule.

I think I mentioned that I’m planning to return to Macedonia for two months in September and October, I’ve been working on the details most of the day. Here are some links, if you want to check out info about our plans and itinerary.

Of course, you are invited!  I’m hosting a small group – less than 10. I’m looking for guests, who want an adventure,  and are friendly, flexible and generally fun to be around. I’m sure that describes all of you, so if you are interested let me know at or 813-719-0769.

You can also check out the new Experience Macedonia I created today.  It’s a work in progress, but it may get you in the mood to Experience Macedonia, and to Enjoy Europe as it used to be. I had such a great time reliving my three Peace Corps years there and last year’s two month visit, as I was putting the site together today. Hope you enjoy it, too. There are lots of great photos. Please share it and the links above with your friends.

Let us know what you are thinking . . .

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