Sunny times


I met with seven amazing women this weekend for a Wishful Thinking Works gathering in a new French/Italian Bistro within walking distance of my home.

Meeting with these interesting women was a fantastic way to spend my birthday morning. They inspired me with their interests, their lives and their quest for more.

We were enjoying our coffee and conversation indoors, but in so many ways our gathering reminded me of the 2003 movie based on Frances Mayes‘ book Under the Tuscan Sun. We were discussing our lives, planning ahead and we were surrounded by delicious and delicate food made with attention to detail and a true love of cooking. It felt good, and a bit like a special sun was shining on us. 

On Sunday I watched Under the Tuscan Sun and thought the last few lines truly fit our time together Saturday morning. 

“They say they built the train tracks over the Alps before there was a train that could make the trip. They built it anyway. They knew one day the train would come.”

That is what creating the life you want is like, you just keep laying new tracks no matter how high the mountains. You find ways to maintain your belief that the train will come. You gather, you talk, you explore, you listen and you learn. 

Perhaps, like Diane Lane in the movie, at times you rail against the world for the injustices you’ve faced or the sadness you’ve endured, but you still keep moving forward and predicting better. You keep laying the tracks for the rest of your life, the one you really want. The life that will carry you over the mountains, because as Mayes notes,      

“Unthinkably good things can happen, even late in the game.”

And, as I know, unthinkably good things can happen, anytime!

Hope your week is off to an amazing start.

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