Parties, picnics and pyrotechnics

July 1 at 12:00 noon marks the halfway point of this year. At noon on the 1st, there will be exactly 182 1/2 days left before the 2012 New Year!

Besides beginning to think about what I will wear for New Year’s 2012, I thought we might use the next few weeks to plan how to celebrate your 2011 triumphs to date.

  • What have you accomplished that just six months ago seemed impossible, or at least a distant possibility?
  • What new trails have you blazed?
  • Promises kept?
  • Steps taken?

Since folks are already planning parties, picnics and pyrotechnics for the Fourth of  July, perhaps it might be a good time to combine our patriotic and personal triumphs and celebrate everything that is special in our lives.

Don’t be shy, this is the perfect time of year to celebrate your success. Even if you don’t tell your friends and family what you are up to, when those booms and bright lights fill the sky you can look-up and know that they are there for freedom and for you!

Start planning now to make this Fourth of July your personal independence day. Count your successes, free yourself from what’s bothering you or get started on something you want to change. If our forefathers did it, we can too.

If you are standing at a crossroads, I’ve listed questions from Debbie Ford’s book, The Right Questions,  which I have used in the past to make decisions big and small:

The Right Questions

1. Will this choice propel me toward an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past?

2. Will this choice bring me long-term fulfillment or will it bring me short-term gratification?

3. Am I standing in my power or am I trying to please another?

4. Am I looking for what’s right or am I looking for what’s wrong?

5. Will this choice add to my life force or will it rob me of my energy?

6. Will I use this situation as a catalyst to grow and evolve or will I use it to beat myself up?

7. Does this choice empower me or does it dis-empower me?

8. Is this an act of self-love or is it an act of self-sabotage?

9. Is this an act of faith or is it an act of fear?

10. Am I choosing from my divinity or am I choosing from my humanity? (Soul vs self)

It’s never too soon or too late to create the life you really want. If you don’t like these questions, create your own! And, remember celebrating your success is always the right thing to do.

Let us know what you are thinking . . .

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