Special ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines’ Day. Here are 5 simple and calorie-free ways to enhance your Valentine’s Day!

1. Be valiant – do something courageous for yourself or someone else today. Take a risk in the direction of your dreams, or help someone in the quest toward theirs.

 2. Be creative – Americans will spend $17.6 billion celebrating Valentine’s Day – after spending your fair share find a way to let someone know you care without spending a single penny. Pause to say “I love you” and really mean it. Spend extra time with an older relative or friend or someone, who could use a helping hand.

 3. Get wordy – Take time to write or tell someone – exactly what they mean to you, to thank them for what they bring to your life.

 4. Leave a legacy – Get in the habit of making a Valentine’s Day donation to your favorite charity or create another special helping tradition.

 5. Give the gift of being heard – Really listen to folks today – pay attention to the tales they tell, the celebrations they share, the requests they make. Include eye contact and tie it up in a big verbal bow – by asking questions. Make it all about them, not you.

I guarantee doing one or all of these will make your heart happy in a special way today!

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