Wishful Thinking Ways #8



Wow, so excited. This is our 8th Wishful Thinking Ways week, and the perfect time to get your ducks in a row! Week 8 is chockfull of great ideas and activities. I hope you are having as much fun as I am doing the exercises. (If you haven’t started, click here.) I complete each exercise before I post it, and then I redo the exercise before I start writing my next post. Why? Well, for 8 great Wishful Thinking Ways reasons: 

  1. I never ask readers or clients to do something I haven’t done.
  2. I’ve been there and know that doing the exercises make a difference.
  3. I like the exercises, at least once I get started. . .
  4. The exercise always lead me to new insights about myself.
  5. Gaining insight about myself makes me feel good.
  6. I like feeling good and feeling good is good for me.
  7. When I feel good it’s easier to make the changes necessary to create the life I really want.
  8. Creating the life I really want, is what I really want! (If you start to question if what you want is possible or if you have the right to want it – hold that thought and pay attention to your physiological tells – then write a sentence or two about what you are thinking and label your feelings. See Wishful Thinking Ways #3 & #4 for details.)

Oh, and before we go on, I want to make sure that you understand that creating the life you really want doesn’t mean you have to climb the highest mountain or swim the deepest sea, but it could. It doesn’t mean you have to become an entrepreneur, a millionaire or an American Idol, but it could. Change is in the eye of the beholder, and I want you to learn to trust your vision. And, that’s what we are working on, creating the vision of how you want your life to be.

So take out your drawing paper and colored pencils or markers, and take a quick look at your drawings from Wishful Thinking Ways week 7 and the answers to the questions from Wishful Thinking Ways week 6.  

Which question, answer or drawing did you notice first? Use it to create a Mind Map. Start by redrawing it in the center of a new, large, good quality piece of paper. If you are not in the mood to draw, use a word or symbol to represent it. Click here for a sample page you can use.

Now using your colored pencils or markers start writing down any ideas or thoughts that come to mind on the same page. Don’t censor yourself, just keep writing or drawing your ideas, thoughts and words. If you find yourself thinking or drawing negative responses  – no problem just stop for a second and verbalize a statement around your thought: “I didn’t realize I was still scared/worried/jealous/angry/sad, etc. about _____________. And, then continue drawing and writing. (The goal is not to let our fears or concerns distract us. If we do, it will delay or discard the possibility of change. Be brave, I know you can do it.)

Change takes change. So if you find this exercise difficult or uncomfortable, do it any way. It’s good practice for all the other things that might make you uncomfortable along your change path.

Do a new Mind Map everyday, or use one of the other Wishful Thinking Ways worksheets to explore more of your ideas and thoughts. (EX: What excites me or makes my heart sing? Be specific. When am I happiest? Why? When am I at my best at work or at home? What am I doing when I lose myself in the task?  What are my strengths, how do I use them? What have I wanted to do since I was a kid?)

Later this week, I would also like you to complete the exercise outlined in this post and complete Your Tower of Strengths worksheet mentioned in the post.

Yes, week #8 is filled with activities, but that’s good because the activities are a form of action and change takes action!

Thanks for making time for change in your life. If you have any questions or thoughts about this week’s exercises please let me know in Comments or email me at wishfulthinkingworks@gmail.com

Have a great weekend.

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