Doing what you love.

Nothing gets me more excited than doing what I love. Today I’m meeting with a group of Wishful Thinking Women, and I can’t wait. I love talking with interested, talented women, who are exploring their lives, sharing their thoughts and moving toward their dreams.

I hope wherever you are and whatever you are up to this weekend, your life is filled with fun, flow and fulfillment, because that is the key to flourishing, PERMAnently!

Let us know what you are excited about these days. Your happiness, can inspire others. Go for it!


  1. So much fun! Had a wonderful time with the group of Wishful Thinking Women. Lots of thoughts and inspiration.

    We always start off with positives and heard so many happy moments – a girls’ day in the sun on a SW Florida uninhabited island; fun at Sea World with kids; awards; wedding anniversaries, personal triumphs, and business successes. Great energy and inspiration. Thanks to all for sharing your happiness.

    Here are some kind words left behind . . . “I really enjoyed this group – first time I had attended. Patrice shared wonderful ideas on how to keep life fun and positive. Many in the group contributed experiences and thoughts that were very inspirational. Left meeting feeling upbeat and refreshed!”


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