Sage advice from the 100 and over crowd

Patrice Koerper  Life Coach Wishful Thining hour glass100 bits of advice from centenarians – folks 100 or older, who have lived lots and well.

You can read all 100 for fun, or follow 10 and you might add 10 years to your life, or live by 50 and you may be on your way to 100!

Here are my top three . . .

68. “I think [people] have to be curious. They have to be interested in life outside their little aches and pains. They have to be excited about seeing new things, meeting new people, watching a new play—just passionate about life.”

78. “I try to take the time to look at and appreciate the smaller things that make this life beautiful. When I do that, time slows.”

90. “Look inside your soul and find your tools. We all have tools and have to live with the help of them. I have two tools: my words and my images. I used my typewriter, computer, and my cameras to fight injustice. Whenever I see a possibility of helping people who are in danger, I want to help them.”

And, this one made me smile . . . 76. “Take naps every day.”

Let us know your top three!

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