Lucky is, as lucky does . . .

luckyReading this story can make you luckier!

“Several years ago, the psychologist Richard Wiseman recruited subjects who thought of themselves as either unusually lucky or unlucky.

  • The self-described lucky ones, he discovered, shared a set of behavioral traits that maximized their good fortune.
    • They were receptive to new experiences and
    • invested time in expanding their social and professional networks;
    • when things went wrong, they reminded themselves that things could have gone worse.
  • By focusing less on their goals, they actually accomplished those goals more efficiently.

In one experiment, Wiseman asked participants to count the number of photographs in a newspaper.

  • The unlucky people diligently plodded through.
  • The lucky ones were far more likely to spot one of two messages Wiseman had inserted on the page.
    • The first [message] read ‘Stop counting—there are 43 photographs in this newspaper.’
    • The other offered a $250 reward if the reader just asked the experimenter for the cash.”

So, it appears that being lucky requires a belief that you are, and the behavior to go with it!

Your luck is already improving; now that you read the story and know the secret, you can change your life accordingly! (You can read the full Mental Floss article at this link. Please note: I altered the format of the quoted material for this post.)

Thanks and have a great weekend!


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