Your Pay-It-Forward Valentine’s Day Challenge

heart-1077724__180Want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a new and different way?

Step 1

To join you have to pledge to pay-it-forward by doing something nice for someone during Valentine’s week.

Your act can be simple or grand – it is up to you.  It can be for family and friends or a random act of kindness for a stranger.  The act can also be an apology to someone who you know you owe one to or the ask of a “do-over” in the coming days, when you say something you wish you hadn’t and ask for a do-over to make it better.

Or, you can write and present a gratitude letter to someone who has made a positive difference in your life, for more on how to do that, click here.

You can even send Valentine’s cards and/or notes to those who matter, and who you have never sent a Valentine’s before. (One year, when I was out of the country with Peace Corps, I sent Valentine’s emails to all the women who had made a difference in my life. It was great and so much fun to write and then read their responses.)

Your act must be something different, heartfelt and if it is a bit out of your comfort zone, all the better. And, the most important part is you do it without expecting anything in return!  To read about one of my favorite Valentine’s pay-it-forwards click here.

To join, just note in “Comments” that you are in.

Step 2

After you have done your act(s); post your act in the comments of this post. You can give as many or as few details as you wish, but include how it made you feel!valentine-candy-626447_960_720

Step 3

Make sure your act comes for a warm and happy place. (You can tell if you are smiling inside or out, or feeling cozy all over after you do it!)

Heartfelt participation is guaranteed to make you and someone else feel happier. Sharing your act with all of us, allows us to share a bit of the sweetness, too.

I truly believe we should all be feeling the love this week.

With love,



  1. I posted the challenge in my Wishful Thinking Women Meetup group, here is what one of the members posted as her Pay It Forward Valentine’s act – I love it!

    “We have been needing to clean out for a LONG time,,
    Instead of a Yard Sale. I went to the Lion’s Club Thrift Store in Bonita,,, I had a Full SUV of Boxes of “You Name it”.. Clothes for Men & Women,,,kids toys..books,,kitchen dishes,,,even a ‘boot’ from when I broke my ankle…so much more!
    I went in & found this woman in the clothes area.
    I told her I had a lot of things in my car,,,she could have it all for free.
    What she couldn’t use,,she wanted to give to friend’s….even the ‘ankle boot’!’. She had a friend who had fallen yes, same ankle..She took everything,,,!
    Then I went in and donated $20.00 to the Lion’s Club , because I know they do good work for Children.
    That is going to be my Husband and I’s Valentine Tradition every year from now on.
    Thank you for this wonderful idea and Meetup! XO”


  2. This is my first Valentine’s with my husband, and by accident we have started a new tradition. Instead of a gift I asked if he would make a donation in my name to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) so we can send a girl to school for a year in Afghanistan or Africa. An ad for the IRC popped up on my personal FB page the other day, and I loved the idea. I have felt great for days thinking about it. The IRC was started by Albert Einstein! I love his quote . . . ““There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”


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