Be still

img_20160926_160143-2I enjoyed a fabulous workshop with well-know author and life coach Martha Beck yesterday at Kripalu in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. She was warm,  entertaining and well-versed in all things life-awakening. What a wonderful way to spend a Autumn Monday.

I have been wanting to go to Kripalu for more than a decade and hearing Beck in person was a dream come true – Wishful Thinking Works!

We talked a lot about be-wilder-ment.  Her recommendation – be wilder! I’m in!!! How about you?

Oddly enough, she advises stillness as the path to be-wilder-ment.  Start by being still and let your real self lead you from there. Anything can happen. I know first hand – listening to my true self led me halfway around the world and back again and again!

Get started today with 15 minutes to yourself, meditating or simply relaxing into being you and being more aware of your breathing, your body and the space you occupy. Sitting alone with yourself can feel odd at first, but persevere and the rewards are great.

The physical changes to your brain are real and well-researched. The more often you meditate the greater the benefits; long range mediators’ brains actually grow in the areas that control happiness. In addition, over time you will feel yourself responding more positively and calmly to situations that once caused you anxiety or stress. The warm and cozy feeling it gives me and the lightness of spirit it creates, are enough to keep me coming back for more.

Don’t make excuses, be still, and get started on the life you really want!

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