Breathing – Part 2

Last week I shared a peaceful reminder to breathe; today I wanted to share some tips on how to breathe more deeply and with purpose.

When our needs are not met, we have a tendency to respond by holding our breathe, clenching our teeth or tightening our facial muscles. When I say “our needs are not met” I mean anything as simple as our reaction when we spill our coffee, we get cut-off in traffic or we have to wait in line. The list of things and people that bug us is endless and unless we become more aware of our response to items on our lists, we will increase our frustration and decrease our peace of mind.

Short Term Solution

The stress from minor irritations adds up and our body pays the price. Learn how to do four square breathing to release tension on the spot . . .

Square Breathing (2).jpg

Repeat as needed – even if you have to do so 100 times a day!

The more aware you become of your reactions and what stresses you, the more relaxed you will become, because the awareness itself,  pulls you out of the stress cycle and gives you and your brain a chance to redirect.

Long Term Solution

You can enjoy,  free brief guided meditations daily that will, over time, bring increased awareness and calm into your life. Research shows that meditation positively impacts stress levels, productivity and pain control.  And, it is free!

If you have never tried meditating, I suggest going with a guided meditation to start. And, if you have started and stopped in the past, don’t give up; keep searching for the style of mediation that works for you. There are hundreds of free options on the Internet.

Even if you start by simply sitting quietly without any distractions for 15 minutes a day – you are ahead of the game, because you are letting your body, your brain and the folks around you know that you value the time alone and the time for yourself.

And, breathe.

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  1. This is similar to my system, although mine stresses using the diaphragm and NOT holding the indrawn breath but always taking longer to breathe out than in. But then, mine was developed to address the tickly throat when breathing passages constricted and got blocked with phlegm. Holding the indrawn breath I also found tended to lock muscles, which was a problem in musical performance. See my blog “Deal with the AHEM bug and asthma cough” at Just a different look at relaxation for a different purpose.


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