30 Days New – Day 8

“30 Days New” – Day 8

We are lucky enough to live on two islands – Estero Island, which is home to the town of  Fort Myers Beach, Florida and a sweet little town on Long Island. We spend our summers “up north”, and this year we decided to lay low for the 4th of July.

Around 7:45 pm we began rethinking our Plan A, and by 8:00 pm we abandoned it to jump into our car to head to the boardwalk in the nearby town of Sea Cliff to watch the fireworks. Keeping with our laid back mood our Plan B was simple, if we found parking we would stay, if not, we would enjoy a short drive around town and return home.

To our surprise we quickly found a space and enjoyed an hour of peaceful, seaside reverie before the excitement of crowds and fireworks. We were then treated to a spectacular All-American display and we created a new holiday memory that was the result of a last minute decision to get up and go – a 4th of July first for us.

Day 8 Results – Relaxation, peace and quiet time to relive and share warm memories of 4th of July’s past and to savor the fun of the new one we created together.

To read more about why I am developing my “30 Days New” habit, click here.

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