Have I mentioned that I love life coaching?


I do. (A-not-so veiled reference to today’s royal wedding.)

I absolutely love being a life coach, and honestly think everyone can benefit from working with a great life coach. 

That’s a pretty bold statement, and could be seen as exceptionally self-serving because I am a heck of a great coach, but here’s the thing – many years before I became a really great coach, I hired a really great coach, and it changed my life – for the better, in sickness and in health until death do I part! (I didn’t marry my coach, but wanted to work in another royal wedding reference – and my coaching experience really has helped me through thick and thin, in sickness . . . )

I love that I am now able to use my coaching experiences, subsequent life coach training, years of research and review of positive psychology and Appreciative Inquiry studies and techniques, and my educational and professional background to successfully life coach others. 

I also love that Wishful Thinking Works life coaching gets great reviews from coaching clients, but most of all, I love helping clients make a  positive difference in their lives. 

To read more about what Wishful Thinking Works life coaching can do for you, and some Wishful Thinking Works  reviews, click here and here. Or, give me a call at 813-719-0769 or email me at wishfulthinkingworks@gmail.com.

In the meantime, have a perfectly royal day!

WTW Dandelion

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