Wishful Thinking Ways #13

Congruency Champions
Congruency means that things are in agreement; they are in accord. Opposites of congruency are conflict, disagreement and discord.
Why am I bringing this up on such a beautiful spring day? Well, we are at Wishful Thinking Ways week #13. We have spent the past 12 weeks preparing ourselves for creating change in our lives. I want each of us to be super successful with the changes we are undertaking, and I believe becoming our own congruency champion is a great way to do it. (If you are catching-up, see weeks 11 & 12; if you are just getting started with Wishful Thinking Ways, you can go to week 1 or read on and catch-up later.)
Creating change takes action, and action in the direction of our dreams is a form of congruency. It’s walking the walk, not just talking the talk. It’s doing what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it. Taking action is a way to live in accordance with our values, which is another form of congruency.
Congruency, if you let it, can be a powerful motivator and an amazing life enhancer. Here’s how:
After you move in the directions of the dreams/take action/walk the walk, give yourself credit for doing it. Each and every time you accomplish your daily goal (which we will set next week), stop and tell yourself something kind, supportive and energizing. EX: “Wow, I did it. I walked for 30 minutes. I did just what I said I would do. I’m really happy that I did what I said I would. I’m good at doing what I say I will do.”
5 tips to becoming an absolutely great congruency champion:
    1. Be specific – include the action you took when you give yourself credit.
    2. Be you – put your supportive statements in your words; they have to sound right to you.
    3. Be positive – always end with the sentence “I’m good at doing what I say I will do.” It took courage, energy and commitment to do what you did, so you are not exaggerating or lying – you are good at it!
    4. Be consistent – champion yourself each and every time you do what you say you are going to do. Repetition is important when forming a new habit, and becoming your own congruency champion is new for most folks. So no matter how corny or awkward it feels, do it and keep doing it!
    5. Be aware – take 30 seconds to savor the moment, and let yourself feel good about being congruent. (This is an important part of the change process, because taking the walk (writing the page, sending the resume, not-smoking, eating, drinking, or spending the money, etc.) may be difficult, not feel uplifting or rewarding on any given day or in any particular moment, but feeling good about doing what you said you were going to do is an empowering elixir, and if you let it, it can change your life. (You can savor the feeling right after you accomplish the task, at night before you go to sleep, or first thing each morning – pick the time that works for you.)

Change takes change; we’ve talked about that before. And, for many of us, living according to our wishes and giving ourselves credit for doing what we said we were going to do, is new. It is a change. Achieving change takes support. Becoming your own congruency champion is a great way to give yourself the support you need.

I know you can do it!

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