Capture what truly mattered in 2017

notebook-731212__180As the New Year rolls around it is way too easy to get bogged down in what we didn’t accomplish or do this year and to start making long lists of what we need to do in the 2018.

I think a much more rewarding way to start the New Year is to remember how wonderful you are by creating your personal WTW “Ta Da” List 2017.

I created the list years ago for a Wishful Thinking Works post and I use it twice a year to remind myself of all the good things – big or small – that have happened or that I have accomplished. Focusing on the positives and growth in our life is a great motivator and provides a stable foundation for future plans.

Why not use New Year’s Eve to celebrate you and what you have done instead of worrying about what you didn’t do?

Even if 2017 was your toughest year yet, you survived, and that is worth celebrating.

champagne-584072_960_720If you are alone on New Year’s Eve, embrace it!

Buy some bubbly, treat yourself to food you love, pop in a movie, read a good book or soak in a luxurious bath and savor being you.

Some of my best New Year’s Eves were spent alone – outdoors, reflecting on all the good things in my life. I sipped something wonderful, tasted something delicious and savored the moments.

As the New Year dawns, don’t worry about what’s next, just enjoy what is. You made it this far in life and have so much more to look forward to.

Happy New Year!



    • Thank you, Gigi! The “ta da” inspiration came from my now 10 year-old grandson! When he was two and a half instead of listening to me he was running around my son and daughter-in-laws’ swimming pool. He knew I would not chase him because I was afraid he would fall in. He climbed to the highest point of the pool by a waterfall making him impossible to reach – without the chance of him jumping or falling into the pool. He then smiled oh so sweetly at me as he said “ta da”. His joy in outsmarting me was evident. Even though he was misbehaving, the happiness he felt was real and when I wanted to write about being more focused on what we have accomplished that what we have left to do, I remembered his joy and his annuncement and thought, we all need to do a lot more “ta da-ing” than to-doing! Wishing you all the best in 2018. I know it will be an exciting year for you! (PS My wild little grandson turned into an amazing and sensitive kid!)


  1. Greetings from Alena in Dallas Tx. I miss you, Patrice, and all of the wonderful ladies I connected with there in the past. I love this wonderful article. It’s so full of understanding and compassion. I hope that everyone embraces it’s ideas and runs with new vision and compassion for themself and others in the new year. Happy 2018 to everyone at Wishful Thinking!!!


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