An inspiring comment . . .

I wanted to share a comment I received from a high school friend whose path has crisscrossed with mine. I truly  believe that inspiration, like happiness, is contagious. You see, I’m constantly catching it from you, my clients, my friends and my family!  I hope today you are inspired by someone or something so you can pass it on.

“So you inspired me to the life I have always wanted.  I realized no one would hand it to me …wishing and dreaming needed to progress to actually doing something about it. 1 month later my house is packed and my husband and I will embark on the next adventure of a lifetime, 9-15-2011 is a big day for us. Will be toasting each other and a toast to you dear friend and mentor. While I am not able to yet go to Macedonia with you and enjoy that red is on my new list of dreams…Diane Berry Purser”

 Thank you, Diane, and best wishes for your new and exciting adventure!

What’s on your list of dreams? What one thing can you do today to move you closer to your dreams?


  1. Oooh, I like that, Kare. Three degrees of connection! We all should remember to include people in our lives that inspire us in the direction of our dreams. Quick – connect with someone who truly believes in you. If they aren’t in the next room, reach out until you find them! And, then remember to do the same for others.


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