Don’t look back, unless it moves you forward.


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013!

Now let’s fast forward to January 1, 2014! Picture yourself looking back at 2013, happy and excited about the changes you made. You see, it’s never too early to look ahead, and the best way to let your past move you forward, is to make changes in the present!

Just because you haven’t done something, doesn’t mean you can’t or you won’t. (No matter what anyone says; including those little nagging voices in your head.) Here’s the Wishful Thinking Works Real Deal Change Wheel to help you get real about change in 2013.

And, if your past, the world around you, or the changes you want seem overwhelming or look big and scary you can still find the courage to plow through them or find away around them. My guess is you have already accomplished and overcome many things in your life. (That’s why I know, you can make the changes you would like in 2013.)

Here’s some tips to make Wishful Thinking Work  for you in the New Year:

  1. If you have a long list of resolutions, prioritize them. Pick the one you want the most, the one that will move you forward fastest, the one that will make the others easier to accomplish down the road.  (Hint: It’s probably the resolution you have ignored or denied the longest. 2013 is the time to cross it off your list. Here’s the Wishful Thinking Works Change Circle to help you prioritize.)
  2. Then do something this week – anything – that moves you closer to your dreams. Be a tad braver, a bit kinder, and a smidgen more positive, too. Work smarter, play harder, love more, and complain less. Create a plan.
  3. Then repeat what works for you, and stop doing what doesn’t.

And, don’t forget to visit or “Follow” Wishful Thinking Works here and on Facebook in 2013, in fact, make it a priority! There’s absolutely no reason you have to face change alone. I learned a long time ago, help is just outside our comfort zone, but not out of our reach!

And, remember, don’t limit your future by reliving your past, use it to move you forward in the present.

Happy New Year

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