Get in the Gratitude Groove

Get in the Gratitude Groove!

If you haven’t started a gratitude practice, ‘tis the season to get into the Gratitude Groove. I will be posting about gratitude throughout the months of October and November to inspire you to get into or to expand your Gratitude Grove in plenty of time to truly experience all the joy of Thanksgiving.

A bit of science about gratitude . . .

It is good for your heart in many ways! “In a gratitude intervention where participants were asked to picture their mother and tell their mothers in their minds how much they love and appreciate her, researchers found that heart rate decreased significantly compared to the non-intervention group. … In this 2017 study by Kyeong et al.,… our results suggest that gratitude intervention modulates heart Najma Khorrami M.P.H., Psychology Today, (9/4/2020)”

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