30 Days New – Day 6

Day 6 – “30 Days New”

Today is the sixth day I am posting about doing something new everyday for 30 days. (Click here to read how I got started, here to read about what I did yesterday.)

I realized this morning that while it is becoming a little more difficult each day to think of a “New” thing to do, any discomfort I am feeling from having to find “News” is completely offset by the fact that the challenge of seeking out a daily “New” is making me feel stronger in general and also bolder about what I choose to post.

IMG_1119 (1)Today is proof of that. I am posting a poem I wrote in 2011. I have a tendency to write my thoughts on 3 x 5 cards. I have filed away hundreds of note cards – in both organized and random fashion – that are covered with reminders, ideas for projects, stories and posts, and quotes and original thoughts that matter to me.

When I recover one of my mini-journals of sorts, I am always surprised by what I have jotted down – either because I don’t remember writing it, or I do, but can’t remember why I didn’t integrate the comments, plans or advice into my life! 

Day 6 Results

I found peace today.
Rolled up in an unexpected moment in a newly discovered place.
I sat soaking up the sounds in the safety of the shade.
I remembered who I was and why I am here.
hen stepped gently back into my life.
Knowing what I needed.
Grateful for giving it to myself.

Do you have written ramblings you seldom share? Do you need a few minutes of reflection or a brief respite? Do you wish you were bolder, or perhaps, more reflective? Whatever your answers, considering the questions means you are on your way to wherever you are going!

Are you ready to create the life your really want?

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