30 Days New – Day 10 & Day 11


I have fallen behind in my posting, but happily not in doing my “News”. I am double posting today to catch-up.

Day 10 – “30 Days New”

A few weeks ago I was watching a repeat of the Rachael Ray show featuring Sue Hitzman, the founder of the MELT method for pain relief and body rejuvenation. Sue was demonstrating a 50 second face lift.

MELT on Rachael Ray

I used her method while watching the show and made a mental note to follow up on her techniques. On Day 10 of my “30 Days New” I remembered that note to myself and looked up Sue’s videos online, I could not find a video of the Rachael Ray episode, but redid the facial from memory and info from Sue’s other videos. The facial was easy, felt great, and sparked my interest to explore other hands-on, face lift options, including this acupuncture based technique – no needles necessary!

Day 10 Results – I loved them all! Who knew I could have been giving myself free, relaxing, and refreshing five minute facials? A group of “News” I truly enjoyed, and have been using the past three days. Whether or not my new habit will give me a more youthful appearance remains to be seen, but learning about and using the methods really was a treat and they are something I will do more often.

Day 11 – “30 Days New”

My research on the facials also led me to a short video on a four minute daily Qigong practice that I tried on Day 11, which was amazingly relaxing and easy to do, as well.

Day 11 Results – I liked The Qigong practice so much, I am going to do it everyday. I have even created a 21 daily tracking sheet – what gets counted, gets done – to get myself in the habit of my new daily Qigong practice. The Qigong video I found is short, nothing fancy, but the practice makes sense to me and I love the centering effect it produces.  Ahhhhh. Namaste.

To read more about why I am developing my “30 Days New” habit, click here.

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MELT on Rachael Ray


  1. Dear Patrice, I think you will enjoy this one as much as I did. I have fallen behind on your posts (with all the traveling ) so I was in the car with 2 of my grandkids (ages 4 and 10)waiting on my daughter as she was taken my third grandkid to the ENT. I was trying to read your post and came across this one, the kids in the back seat were loud, inpatient, hungry …when I said let’s do some Qigon I played the video and we started doing the moments… the results… amazing lets say we survive the 1 hour wait (in the car)… without meltdows did I mention my 2 grandkids are on the Autism spectrum 😉 Namaste

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Sylvia, How absolutely wonderful. I love how we all help each other and the picture of you all in the car doing Qigong is amazingly beautiful and will make me smile each time I picture it. Thanks for a “New” memory! I love finding new ways to calm and refresh my heart and soul. Thank you for sharing the moment with all of us. Namaste


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