What we can learn from Nature’s balancing act

It is that time of year again when day and night are of equal length, which happens when the Earth’s pole tilts neither away from, nor towards the Sun and the Earth is perfectly balanced.  

maple-leaf-3680684_960_720Today is the first day of fall in the northern hemisphere; the event is known as an equinox – a celestial event that happens twice a year in March and September.  I believe it is nature’s signal for us to take a moment and assess if our lives are in balance, which may send each of us spinning in a new and celestially inspired direction.

Begin by asking yourself two simple questions:

  1. Is your life rotating around what really matters to you?
  2. Is your life tilting toward or away from your dreams?

If your life is in balance and is circling your priorities and orbiting your values – celebrate it!

In the next few days or weeks, take time to do something special for yourself or others in your life to savor and share just how good happiness and being balanced feels.

Reinforcing happiness and sharing the good times can deepen and expand our sense of well being, which helps us create new pathways in our brains that can strengthen our resolve and help us mentally and emotionally maneuver life’s twists and turns and to discover and enjoy new roads to happiness, purpose and well being.

If your life isn’t tilted toward your dreams, you can realign it!

Take a moment to congratulate yourself for being honest about your situation – that’s a huge first step.

Next, become aware of any self talk that doesn’t seem celestially inspired! Becoming aware of your negative self talk is like pulling back the curtains on the Wizard of Oz – stop fooling yourself and stop believing the negative stories you have created. Start tipping the scales in your favor by sharing encouraging words with yourself that reinforce hope and the fact that change is possible – “Just because I am having this thought, doesn’t make it true!” “Wow, I never realized just how negative I can be, perhaps there is a better way.” “Maybe the story I am telling myself isn’t helping me or my relationships, I know I can do better.”  “I can do this!”  “I’ve made changes before, and I can do it again.”

wood-bench-986347__340Keep reminding and reassuring yourself that change, just like the seasons, takes time but is perfectly natural.

Then set some time aside to reflect on how you really want your life to look and feel, and begin tilting your actions and thoughts in that direction. Don’t be afraid or talk yourself out of asking for help, trying something new or taking risks – if the leaves didn’t fall new ones would never grow.

You can do it! I know you can. Start planning your changes today, so six months from now when the Earth’s axis is tilting toward the sun, your life is tilted in the direction of your dreams. I did it, and I know you can, too.

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